Making The Most Of Your Trip To The Met

Located in the Big Apple’s “Museum Mile,” the Metropolitan Museum of Art boasts of an impressive collection of artifacts and artwork from more than 5,000 years of human history and is one of the many things that should top any visitor’s to-visit list. Containing some of the most iconic works of art in the world, the Met’s sheer volume of exhibits can overwhelm the casual art lover.

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First, determine the day you’ll want to go. Weekdays are an excellent time to go viewing the museum to avoid crowds. If you really want to take it all in, it’s best to start early. If you want to linger for much longer, try braving the crowds on weekends; the museum is open until 9 P.M. on Friday and Saturday.

One of the ways to take in your Met museum experience is to determine what you’re after on your trip. Are you on the trip to see some of the most iconic artifacts and artwork in the museum or are you looking for an art piece that’s at once stunning yet underappreciated? Do you want to have a sweeping tour of the art history of humankind or did a specific period pique your interest?

For most tourists taking it all in, the best way to go about it is to start from the far end and work your way outwards. Essentially, this trip in time is one that’s going backward—you’ll be starting from the contemporary art exhibits—and is ideal for more pleasant exhibits when avoiding crowds.

Many parts of the museum are themselves underrated and hard to get to. There are several hidden rooms within the Chinese Art and American period rooms to watch out for.

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