The Mystique Of New York’s Lower East Side Tenement Museum

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The Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York is one of the most well-loved historical spots in New York, and for good reason. It is both a museum and a national park, and has been a for non-New Yorkers to learn more about the history of the iconic city.

The area used to be home to over 7,000 residents from 20 countries from 1863 to 1935, and the building itself was a shelter for Jews who lived in cramped spaces.

Visitors and guests can join a number of tours, which take them back in time so they too might see and experience how people of the tenement lived back in the day. There are costumed actors posing as immigrants from the era.

It is quite easy to see why tourists have taken such a liking to the museum. It is both well-preserved and maintained. Even the food that is served in the museum has been made to look and taste like the meals prepared in the decades of immigrant residency.

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Guests can also visit the Jarmulowsky Bank, the bank wherein immigrants deposited and lost all their money.

The fully-interactive museum is as historically significant as any place you will ever see in the Big Apple, and a testament to the hardships and resiliency of the Jewish community in the 20th century.

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